Welcome to my beautifully hectic blog..

I am a mother of 3 beautiful babies (a toddler girl && twin boys) from Queens, New York


Where does beautifully hectic fit into the equation? Well I say this because life in itself is beautiful. Everyday I wake up, I thank god he has given me another day with my family. We’re all healthy (just that means we have everything), we have a roof over our heads, food && each other. Having 3 children is definitely hectic especially (right now) under the age of two… but I am truly so blessed.

This blog is intended for everyone..Some areas will lean towards Moms, Dads, Soon-To-Be Parents && anyone just curious right before taking the steps to become a parent. Other areas are generally for everyone. I will post a number of things ranging from:

  • My 1st && Twin Pregnancy
  • Toddler Life
  • Favorites – Everything
  • Reviews
  • Experiences
  • Thoughts

In no way am I suggesting everything I write about is the only way to go. These are the items, advice && daily routines that work best for me.

Thnx for visiting && I hope you enjoy it !!