How To Keep a Toddler Busy

How To Keep A Toddler Busy

My daughter is like a constant little mini-me that is on the go at all times. Although giving my daughter an iPad for hours on end is the ideal situation, it is not the best parenting style in my opinion. I have to say she has learned a lot from watching some Kids YouTube shows and even some kid shows on Netflix (she’s a huge fan of Word Party) but I’m trying to avoid the iPad as much as possible and even limit the amount of time the TV is on throughout the day.

I’m not going to sit here and lie, there have been times when I was taking care of her baby brothers and it was just easier to give her the iPad to keep an eye on her, but her change in attitude immediately shifted if the battery died, or if I just took it away. It was getting ridiculous and Mommy doesn’t play that. Once she said she “needed” the iPad I knew things had to change.

At this point in time, my daughter is about 2 1/2yo and my sons are 8mo so as a daily routine we now listen to nursery rhymes and oldies music. We’ve cut down the amount of iPad time she has and the amount of time the tv is on throughout the day. I’m not fully against it but right now its just better this way. The kids have fun and they play with their toys more. Not so much directly referring to the babies yet because they’re still small but it’s good for my daughters development as well. With this change I’ve seen great improvement and the use of many of her toys. She used to play with them before but not as much when of course, the iPad was an option.

These are the items I found best to keep my little princess occupied, while learning some skills for herself (heck I even play with them and have fun… you’re living your childhood through your kiddies, mine as well have fun doing it!!):

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my list. What are your toddlers go-to toys? I love new suggestions on anything educational for my kiddies as well.

Leave your comments below.


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