The Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Items for your Twin Registry

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Congratulations you’re having twins !!! Don’t panic … it can be a little overwhelming at first (trust me I know) but you got this!

My twins were my second pregnancy. I also have a 22 mo old, so as for essentials luckily I kept a few things which came in handy. Now by no means am I an expert but these were the items that were best for me:

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You Only Need A Handful of Friends


Now that I look back it all makes sense. When I was younger, about 16 years old I would say, I took notice of my mother having a couple of close friends. I could never understand this. Why she would want just a couple of friends when there were so many people in this world? It was so weird to me at the time but now as I am 36 years old, a wife, and mother of three of the most amazing kiddies I totally get it.

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