My Diaper Bag Survival Kit


I’m that mom that packs just what I need, I don’t over do it because lets face it… I’m not leaving the house with 3 kiddies under the age of 2 by myself for a long amount of time… no way, no how. But sometimes my husband and I do go on an all day outings and its nice to have these things available to me at all times.

The essentials that I have in my diaper bag include (at all times) BESIDES the basic diapers, wipes, changing pad are:

  1. Extra outfit.. or two- This is just in case and just my luck for that matter if/when one of my 3 children get dirty, poop or pee on themselves or the best… spit up. Maybe even think about throwing something in there for yourself because you just never know if its going to end up on you.

  2. Disposable Gloves – I keep a pair or 2 of these in my bag just in case. Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re picking up that a wet wipe just won’t cut it. They don’t take up any room whatsoever so why not?

  3. Mini garbage/disposable bags – to dispose of those yucky diapers and maybe even food you can’t throw away right at that moment. Instead of having it stink up the car you just throw whatever in one of these bags, tie em up and there you go. Problem solved.

  4. Activity books – I actually ordered these Melissa & Doug On The Go Water Pads off of Amazon, they came in a pack of three which at the time I didn’t realize i needed until now when the boys get older – 3 kids + 3 books = Perfection. These are completely mess free and have kept my daughter occupied and quiet at a restaurant. You really can’t go wrong getting them.activitybooks

  5. Activity place mat – another good thing when going out to eat. Usually restaurants provide them for the kids but sometimes you’ll come across one that doesn’t and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

  6. Travel Mega Blocks – Kids @ Work puts these out. I got 2 of these just because I’d rather my kiddies actually playing with something then sticking there heads in the iPad. They’re lightweight and perfect to keep them busy for a bit.blocks

  7. First aid items – bandaids, neosporin, tissues, booger sucker

  8. Toilet Seat Covers – now that I am potty training my daughter I do in fact think these are genius. For one thing public bathrooms are gross, but besides putting toilet paper down to protect my little ones tush.. these opt as extra protection which is always a plus.

  9. A mini can of lysol or lysol wipes – (see above) .. additional && EXTRA protection against those germs. I am by no means a germ-a-phobic BUT these days you’d rather be safe than sorry and in this world we live in people are just down right disgusting nowadays.

  10. Fruit or Veggie Pouches – You never know when your little one is going to decide “Hey Im hungry even though I made Mommy throw out 4 perfectly fine chicken nuggets because I was just being stubborn” moods. Plus, the veggie pouches aren’t such a big hit with my daughter but she does love those fruit ones and during a whiny fit sometimes that is the key to my happiness and hers. They are also filling and easy to just throw in the bag. A bonus, they do not need to be refrigerated so just make sure you’re looking out for the expiration date and you’re good to go

  11. Sunscreen – you never know when a trip to the store may turn into a trip to the park and you’ll never to throw on the sunscreen to protect your baby. a mini bottle will do.

  12. Stain Remover Pen – This is always good to keep in the bag for either you or the kids clothes when going out. You never know when something can spill that you just hope to god won’t stain. This can be your back up and its compact to fit right in your bag.

These are my survival diaper bag items because I am certainly not that mom that overstuffs a diaper bag, I put what I need and go. I do this because I found the first 2 years with my daughter I included a lot of useless things in my bags that I never used.

If you have any Must-Have Diaper Bags items please feel free to leave them in the comments. I can always use some tips too.


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