The World of Blogging

world of blogging

Geez – Being a blogger SERIOUSLY takes a lot of time, dedication && thought…

At first I honestly didn’t even think of how much blogging consisted of and after a while I was thinking about giving up on it:

Was I good enough? // Did anything I write even make sense? // What’s the point? // When do I even have any time?

… But it’s not about being good or even making sense it’s about telling people whatever you choose. Expressing yourself, giving advice through personal experience, your beliefs/opinions and just whatever comes to mind that you want to write about. You just have to make sure you enjoy doing it!

See the thing is I started a blog because I felt that this year, within a couple of months, my life totally changed and I really wasn’t able to cope with things the way someone would normally. Everything was basically bottled up inside me and I didn’t no how to express myself. Then I thought to myself, maybe theres someone out there who can relate to me, so that’s when I decided to go ahead with it… I truly feel that it helped me cope with so much throughout these past 6 months that I’ve held in for so long. It’s a lot easier to write these things out rather then say it sometimes && I express myself better in that aspect… I guess you can say it’s my escape in a way.

After creating the blog, I then realized there were some things I wish I knew with my twins before I had them such as essentials so I figured I’d write a post for that, then I wrote about my 5 favorite books because I love reading the opinions of other bloggers. Sometimes the way people describe things are even more enticing then the actual description just set for them.


I had my twin boys in August, and already a mother of a toddler, I found that it wasn’t too hard to focus on my blogging and support others on social media. They would sleep so much that it wouldn’t interfere with any sleep I was getting so I was able to stay up late and blog, search on Pinterest and just do whatever … Now fast forward and the boys are almost 6 months old… As they get older the naps are getting shorter and shorter which mean I get more and more exhausted. My time now is completely taken over by these two little stud muffins and my mini me toddler who loves to do everything I do, (sometimes with a wonderful terrible twos tantrum as well may I add). So as much as I’d like to just blog, there are some days where it is nearly impossible and that’s OK though because blogging will always be there. I can write whenever I chose to, whenever I find time.

I think of it like this – My babies will not be babies forever. I’m going to take all of the time I can and spend it with them while they’re still small and love everything about me. Heck, while they still want to revolve themselves around me HaHa

I’m sorry to my fellow Bloggers who think I don’t support them enough. I really do 100%. I read your blogs, I comment on what I can and I like as much as possible. Whenever I can, I try… I know there are other moms that can maintain all this and then some but that is not me. Kudos to you!  I like my down time to also do other things rather then blog… I like to read, scroll on Pinterest, catch up on my TV Shows, organize pictures onto my computer and just relax…  so I do apologize for not writing a post a week or even every 2 weeks or a month but I do what I am capable of in support of myself and others.

All in all I love the Bloggers World, you guys are stuck with me l0l – I love where it put me and I love the people I have met through this journey so stay tuned for more. Although it may take a while to post at times I will continue doing whatever comes to mind and just having fun with it… It may be Happy, Sad, Funny, General Lists of things but it is from a Mom of 3 aspect and theres no other title I’d rather have at this point in my life!



16 thoughts on “The World of Blogging

  1. Jenny says:

    I completely understand where you are coming from. I don’t know how you even blog at all with twins. Babies take a lot of time. I have a 9 month old, so trust me, I know. Also, it is better to blog when you feel most inspired and not forced, at least in my opinion, that has worked much better for myself. Thanks for sharing, and your pictures are great. 😊👌❤❤

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  2. CherishingFLo says:

    Girl, don’t worry we understand! Finding time to blog isn’t easy for some of us who have NO kids let alone a mother of twins! Blog when and how it works for you and your real followers will be here to read and support!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Life of a Yelldazy says:

    I completely understand. My twins are 19 months. I start a blog and think I have posted it and it is actually in drafts or toddler life gets so bonkers I forget all the great ideas that pop into my head while mommying. One day we will find our rhythm. Until then, blog when you can. Good luck!

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  4. Cooking with kids says:

    I first thought about starting my blog when my twins were about a year old but I didn’t find the time to start until they were 4 (although I did have another baby after them!). You’ve started this blog for a great reason, don’t feel pressured into having to post or it will take the fun out of it x


  5. SimplyUntamedNatonya says:

    I really like your honesty in this post. I too struggled when I first started blogging but became comfortable. As I learned more about blogging numbers I started to struggle again in the middle of my first year. I didn’t enjoy it. But like you said, it’s all about making it a fun process. You have to enjoy it. I admire how nonchalant you are about blogging, you’re not consumed with it, which snatches away your joy. I’v learned to not care so much. Now, in my second year, blogging is so much fun. You shared a lovely perspective on blogging. Your children are so beautiful! Following you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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