The Unique Blogger Award


I was tagged by Jessica over at Reading With Jessica. Girl, you are the best… I truly thank you so much for nominating me! Check out her blog, you won’t regret it!!!


/yo͞oˈnēk/ adjective

▪ being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

▪ particularly remarkable, special, or unusual.

▪ belonging or connected to (one particular person, group, or place).

The Rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

Jessica’s Questions:

    1. Which fictional character would be the most exciting to meet in real life? I’m not too much into fictional characters but I’d have to assume Harry Potter would be pretty exciting to meet other than that I’m really drawing a blank, to be honest. Horrible, I know!
    2. If you had to change your name, what would your new name be? Hm idk I never really thought about that but I never really believed I looked like a Jennifer. It’s not bad ass enough lol
    3. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? I went to a Magic of Lights Show at Jones Beach where they displayed 2.5 miles of Christmas Lights you drive through. It was a nice experience && my daughter loved it so that’s really all that counts to me.







I will also tag whoever would like to do this one

**If you have done this already or aren’t interested…no worries!!!

My 3 Questions:

  1. What was your greatest accomplishment for 2017?
  2. If you could have any job in this world what would it be?
  3. How do you drink your coffee/tea?




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