Clarifying My Picture Theory

clarifyingI’ve been slacking && haven’t posted in a while. Actually my last post relates to the meaning of this post because I had included some pictures of my daughters 1st birthday which in fact, have her face blacked out. Soooooo as some of you may have noticed, or all of you… I do not like to post up pictures of my children faces on the internet.

Some people may agree or disagree thats fine… to each his own but here’s my deal: Its nothing against anyone personally, but my husband and I have chosen this way since the day I found out I was pregnant with our first. We had come to the conclusion that although social media was a way of life now, and pretty much EVERYONE post pictures of their children, we would like to keep our kids faces off of the internet. Anything and everything revolve around the internet nowadays and not for nothing but there are really sick people out there.

I can tell you that from the day my daughter was born 2 years ago, until now including my 4 mo old twins, there are probably 5 pictures on both my Instagram && Facebook with their actual faces but that is (of course) with my husband’s approval. Both accounts are pretty much private to only friends && family and the other photos that I do stick up of my kids will have either the back of their heads, their hands, feet, etc but never their faces && I like it that way. Honestly its kind of my thing, a unique way I like to post stuff, to say the least.

But really think about it — Do you ever wonder how many people on your friend list are actually who they say they are? Anyone can create an account and pretend to be someone else. You just never know. Although, both Facebook && Instagram is a bit easier to keep track of, not everything is 100% foolproof. You cannot guarantee that everyone is who they say they are whether you know them or not, it’s a sick world out there people. There are ways around everything. Twitter … let’s just leave it at that && starting a blog… between people following me or just reading my blog. Reading into my world && visualizing it are two different things. But enough of the paranoia, I know some of this seems neurotic, HaHa but just, in general, we never wanted to be those parents putting up 50,0000 pictures of our child’s every move. There are some memories that should be kept between family… Don’t get me wrong I love all the pictures of my friend’s children, they’re adorable but again that is their choices, as the parents to post them up. I choose otherwise and in all reality, you do not need to see every little detail of our lives.

In conclusion, if anyone disagrees with me or has a problem with it you can, in fact, delete me and/or stop following me. It’s all good! I’m not trying to be bitchy but hey, it is what it is… it’s not that my babies aren’t cute because they are absolutely beautiful && perfect. so let’s get that straight… it’s just the way it is NOW. Obviously when they’re older things will change because we can’t prevent it entirely && we don’t want too… by then they can tell us if they want their pics up but, for now, we just know as babies they do not need to be floating around the internet. This is just so if any of you wonder why now you have an explanation !!

Thnx for reading lovies.




3 thoughts on “Clarifying My Picture Theory

  1. Moonsomnia says:

    At the end of the day, it’s your decision xx I only have close friends and family on both FB and my personal IG account to which I share frequent pictures… I am a little bit more reluctant when it comes to my non-private blog IG and Twitter and my blog itself but my kids are a lot older now as well and I’ve become lax… plus, they’re the best thing I’ve ever created and I do like to show them off a bit 😂🙈 But ultimately your decision to keep your children off the internet is your preference and people can’t fault you for protecting your children.

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  2. bournemouthgirl says:

    I do not put pictures of my little sister, niece or nephew on any social media that is public. So I am with you there. It’s your choice, they are your children. The internet is amazing but it can also be a very unsafe place also. Thanks for sharing x

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