Clarifying My Picture Theory

clarifyingI’ve been slacking && haven’t posted in a while. Actually my last post relates to the meaning of this post because I had included some pictures of my daughters 1st birthday which in fact, have her face blacked out. Soooooo as some of you may have noticed, or all of you… I do not like to post up pictures of my children faces on the internet.

Some people may agree or disagree thats fine… to each his own but here’s my deal: Its nothing against anyone personally, but my husband and I have chosen this way since the Continue reading


How I Planned My Daughters 1st Birthday

1stbirthdaybannerI can’t believe my baby girl is almost 2 years old. It was just yesterday that I was getting all neurotic trying to plan out her 1st birthday party. Geez it really was probably the most stressful thing I had to do (besides give birth)…

So here’s my story just so you get an idea of my stress && chaos first hand::

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The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much to Erika over at  PAE Reviews for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award, you rock! Don’t forget to check out her blog – She seriously is awesome, && very down to earth!

Now what?

All you have to do is thank the person who nominated you and link their blog, share 7 Continue reading