Toy Organization – My Simple Solution to a Colorful Disaster


So I have a toddler, one little destroyer of any nice clean space I have in my living room or rather, any room in this case. This little human being can make any room as if a tornado hit. I live in an apartment so I don’t have a lot to work with, but I can tell you this, I finally found a decent solution for a small space && it works wonders in a small area… Cube storage:


Freakin genius I tell you! As you can see above I decided to place a play mat down alongside of it so she can feel like this is her designated area. Now don’t get me wrong, she still manages to get toys all over the entire apartment, but clean up time is completely cut in half. These seriously work wonders and make a small space neat.


I purchased the 9 cube storage unit compatible with 11 inch storage bins because my daughter has a lot of toys, limited space and I have twin infants who will soon add double the amount of chaos. Also available are, 3 cube and 6 cube storage units with also 13 inch storage bin compatibility. They are stackable as well. I bought mine at Target for $34.99 and each storage cube was $5.99 so it was a great buy. Check out this similar one: Sauder Beginnings 9-Cubby Storage Organizer, Cherry. These are budget friendly and the best part is everything looks neat and not as crowded.

As you can see below I used some of the cubes for blocks && lego pieces, another for some small stuffed animals she has && the last ones basically miscellaneous items:


This storage unit is very easy to put together as well as my husband works full time/over time many days of the week I did not want to bombard him with the task of putting this together. (I did it all while the little ones were sleeping  – they sleep through anything and everything so if you have yourself a light sleeper I would suggest thinking of an alternative because you do have to hammer in some nails toward the end.)

All in all if your in an apartment && you’re anything like me where the place has to look partially in order, this is a must buy. In the past I think the fact that the toy were out, visually my daughter did not know where to start or what to play with, i feel like once she gets over one bin she puts everything back and moves on to something else.

You wont regret it && to be honest my toddler likes it because she has easy access to all of her toys && clean up time is a lot less frustrating because she knows where the items go, or rather wherever she wants to place them. I’m not saying it will create miracles but hey why not.. If you could afford it && you don’t mind putting it together, go for it!

This works for me right now. I can’t tell you how I’ll feel in a couple of years when my children get older and all have different preferences with toys but for the moment I’m pleased.

What works for you? I’d love to hear any additional ideas in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by !! – oxox

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2 thoughts on “Toy Organization – My Simple Solution to a Colorful Disaster

    • jennv says:

      Thnx so much for reading my post… Definitely look into the cube storage, well worth it!! && thank you for the nomination I will absolutely be paying it forward. You’re awesome!


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