Books: 5 Random Favorites – From Breakups to Pasta


Ok so let me just start by saying I am certainly not an avid reader. I should be, we all should be, but I was never the type to curl up in bed and just read…read for hours, finish a book in one sitting, it was never possible because I’d just fall asleep. Sleep won, no matter how good of a book, but I have read my share and these 5 are the ones I enjoyed most. In no particular order either:


It’s Call a Breakup Because It’s Broken: The Smart Girl’s Breakup Buddy by Greg Behrendt, Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt

its called a...

I first read this book about 10 years ago, I was going through a very rough break up at the time && honestly I didn’t know how to handle it. My heart was broken and I just needed some insight, some reasoning as to why I got dumped. I had come across this book and figured hey why not? At that point it was either drowning my sorrows into a pint of ice cream or keeping my mind occupied without adding 5lbs on.  This book helped me realize that when things are in fact broken, sometimes they shouldn’t be fixed. You never want to hear that they don’t want you anymore because lets face it, the truth hurts but this book explained actions and helped me move forward. Well since then whether a friend or family member, I always suggest to them to read this book. It gave a lot of insight on relationships… the good things, the bad things and to never to lose yourself while in any relationship. It made a lot of sense in the end why our relationship went downhill.

Understand this: at the end of the day no matter what anyone tells you, you’re going to do whatever your heart desires and also when you vent to people, watch what you say… no one really truly cares about your relationship drama… in their minds they’re just happy it’s not them because breakups stink.



13 reasons...

This book is based on one girls suicide and what led her up to that moment. It really goes into the minds of people and how ones actions can lead to many different outcomes for others. You never really know the struggles people are going through just by looking at them. This book makes you think twice on how you treat people and how it makes them feel. The detail was remarkable and the entire concept just kept you going. I have to say this was a book that kept me up, it got me hooked immediately because every part just opened up a bunch of question you were waiting on answers for or waiting to see the outcome.


Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton


This is a book based on New Yorkers and their individual stories whether happy or sad, present or past, good or bad it brings you into their lives. It’s fascinating to read the many different stories and to learn how very different everyone is. Another book that really makes you think. You can’t judge a book by its cover and everyone has a story.


Toddlers are A**holes: It’s Not Your Fault by Bunmi Laditan


This book is AMAZING… It’s just generally funny and it gives you a clear understanding of toddler life. The author writes everything you wanted to say but felt like you were a horrible parent HaHa. So if you have a toddler and just need a break from the screaming and whining, you will see from this book that all toddlers are the same. It is truly amazing how while ready this book I thought to myself “Holy sh*t this is my daughter all the way”. Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my daughter, I worship the ground she walks on but sometimes I don’t have clue as to why she does what she does, and this book helps get me through it.


Handmade Pasta Workshop & Cookbook: Recipes, Tips & Tricks for Making Pasta by Hand, with Perfectly Paired Sauces by Nicole Karr


This is my cousins book and really I’m not just adding this book onto my list for that reason (but hey! check it out regardless). Anyways – I’m not one for cookbooks but when I first saw this book it captured me because not only are the photos amazing (done by my other talented cousin) but just the way she explains the recipes in this book make you want to live off pasta for the rest of your life. They are quite thorough and explained quite well. There are so many ways you can make a good pasta dish and she plans that out for you. I am certainly not a cook in any which way other then nightly dinners and put together meals for my toddler (hoping to god she eats them) but both my husband and toddler love pasta and after making a few of these with the different shapes and sauces, I look like a rockstar.

So like I said all in all so far these are, by far my favorites… they each vary in category but thats me… I vary!


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