DIY Shadow Box Fun – Displaying Memories/Keepsakes


I know many of you are familiar with this concept, but I really don’t know of anyone else (besides my cousin) that have done this… && it really is genius, looks great and fun to put together. You can do a shadow box for pretty much anything your heart desires as long as you have the items and time, knock yourself out. Whatever you make of it will be your own creativity.

Baby/Newborn Shadow Box:

You’re probably thinking ‘who has the time for this especially with a newborn?’ and you’re right it is time consuming but it doesn’t have to be done right away, just eventually. I found that if I didn’t figure out what to do with these items in a timely manner, they’d definitely get lost and I didn’t want that happening… At the end of the day I look at it as a keepsake for my children & myself and it really is a cute idea to display in their rooms.

The baby/newborn shadow box holds items such as:

  1. Hospital bracelets
  2. Ankle bracelet
  3. Baby announcement/Picture of baby
  4. The footprints received from the hospital
  5. Newborn hat
  6. Hospital blanket
  7. Socks
  8. Sonogram
  9. Outfit worn home from the hospital/coming home outfit
  10. First pacifier
  11. Diaper

Supplies needed:

    1. Shadow box – size is your preference. You can get them at michaels or this one here on Amazon. I found 11×14 to be the perfect size for for because it was not too big or small && fit my items perfectly.
    2. Push pins
    3. Paper stock for the background if necessary
    4. Sticker letters or wooden initial of baby’s name
    5. Scrap book stickers – They’re great to use because they’re fun and they come in pretty big packs that can be used for photo albums also. These are a great value Baby Scrapbook Stickers

These are the items I had gotten for one of my sons shadow box:


Here we go:

  1. First you should gather the necessary items you would like to use and set them up outside the shadow box Collage style as if you were displaying them in the shadow box
  2. Next you can start the background in your shadow box whether you chose to leave it the felt black or use scrapbook paper/paper stocks. You can even make the background with the hospital blanket or one you maybe used for coming home.
  3. Start placing the items in the shadow bow as displayed collage style and pin them accordingly with the push pins

&& just like that you are done. Woohoo!

Here are my completed ones… I’m no creative guru but I love having something for my babies and even for myself to look back on and remember the days the changed me forever.


For my sons shadow box I made his name with a quote using my Cricut machine, if you really want to get fancy and creative I suggest getting the cricut. It really is a useful machine that you can do so much with (Decals, Party Banners, Greeting Cards, Gift Tags, etc.)… Definitely well spent money for this item. You can get it here.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions… Have fun !!!

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