10 Must-Haves for your Twin Registry


Congratulations you’re having twins !!! Don’t panic … it can be a little overwhelming at first (trust me I know) but you got this!

My twins were my second pregnancy. I also have a 22 mo old, so as for essentials luckily I kept a few things which came in handy. Now by no means am I an expert but these were the items that were best for me:

    1. Clothes (obviously) – I cannot stress this enough – DO NOT over do it. Babies grow fast and you do not want to have more clothes then they’ll actually wear..  My sons were born in August so the basics I use so far are onesies, both long and short sleeve, some pants for when they go to the pediatrician or out in general and zip up pajamas. When I had the ac on I wanted them to be warm yet comfortable. You can’t overheat them either so I found these to be best. *TIP: When using the onesies, I know for myself I did not want to put anything over their fragile little heads, they are in fact made to be put on from the feet up instead of over the head. Best thing ever!*

    2. Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper – I used this item on my daughter about a month or so after giving birth. I realized she hated sleeping in the bassinet and sleeping in bed with me was out of the question. I was basically on zero hours of sleep within that month and then I decided to put into use the sleeper. I never even knew this existed until one of my co-workers got it for my baby shower. After realizing my daughter was colicky I felt a lot better knowing she was elevated, god forbid she had spit up. It worked like a charm – I was finally getting sleep! As soon as I brought the boys home that was the first thing I had placed them in. You can try this one (Fisher Price – Aqua Stone) which is a great price, cheaper then the bassinet (depending on which one you chose) && easy to move around the house while you do laundry, straighten up, etc.

    3. Rectal Thermometers – It may just be me, but I believe every child should have their own rectal thermometer. In general, it is just more sanitary that way. Rectal thermometers are highly recommended by the pediatrician as well for the most accurate temperature. I use this one: Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer for all 3 of my babies, it works well && the shape helps when having to insert it into the rectum. You don’t want to put it in too deep.

    4. Bottles – Depending on whether you breast feed or not, probably depends on the supply of bottles you will get. In my case I bottle feed due to certain reasons on all 3 of my children so the Dr.Browns were very valuable to me. I used the Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle, 4 ounce for the first month and now that they are just about past the 4oz. mark on their formula intake I had to switch entirely to the Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle, 8 ounce which I will use from here on. You can also use the 8oz. bottles in the beginning it is entirely up to you. Remember cleaning the bottles and sterlizing takes up plenty of time, if you have enough bottles clean && sterilize once a day, you can save a lot of time. I have about 20 bottles.

    5. Bibs, bibs and more bibs… I truly forgot how many bibs I went through with my daughter. Now that’s it is double I go through them even quicker. I prefer the ones with the waterproof backing over the fabric ones because the formula stains are easier to remove. Dapple Stain Remover helps also.

    6. Diapers – Stock up! This is always an essential and you can never go wrong unless your child is allergic so to be on the safe side I had stocked up on Pampers Size 1 Sensitive just in case your child gets a reaction and is very sensitive, afterwards I purchased the regular Pampers Size 1 diapers. I choose Pampers because at the hospital, this is what is supplied so they are trusted but again it is entirely your choice. I had a bad experience with LUVS being that they are semi-scented that did not go well with my babies. Now I use the Berkley & Jensen brand which are unscented and they even have the blue line to show when the diaper is wet. They’re a great price and work just as good as the Pampers.

    7. Baby Wipes – Again, in the beginning I had stocked up on the Pampers Sensitive baby wipes also supplied by the hospital. I now have switched to the Berkley & Jensen Unscented Baby Wipes. I use them not only for my children but like every other mom… EVERYTHING HaHa you’ll see!

    8. Bottle Soap – I find Dapple Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid to be the best one out there. There is no leftover formula smell which I found with other brands I have tried in the past and they also offer bottle refills which are budget friendly.

    9. Boppy Nursing Pillow/Boppy Lounger –  Lets face it… there will be a time or in my case, times, where they are both crying at the EXACT SAME TIME… you gotta do what you have do to feed them. I originally had the Boppy Pillow from when I had my daughter, in addition I purchased the lounger and they both are great. Just remember, you cannot leave them in either one unattended.

    10. Twin Journals – (I’m that mom) Now some people think I’m crazy, and some don’t have a clue how I have the time to do these, but since I did one for my daughter, I didn’t want to leave me twin boys out. I ordered 2 Pack – Twice Upon A Time: Twins Memory Books and actually there is not a lot of writing which is a plus so it definitely cuts the time in half compared to my daughters.

Hope this list helps you even the slightest… I wish I had something like this when preparing for my twins, but I guess you’re never fully ready 100%. Everything is a learning process you can pass along. Good Luck!


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PHOTO CREDIT: https://unsplash.com/photos/eJwSOguD1rE


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