my beautiful hectic world.


Love, Chaos && Diapers … lots of them

Ten years ago if you would’ve told me when I was 35 years old I’d have three children under the age of 2 I would’ve never believed it. I can tell you this much, it amazes me how much I truly found out about myself and how different my outlook changed on everything that normally did not matter much to me. For example, the amount of patience one endures when it comes to taking care of a little human being that you love more than life itself, or the amount of love one has to give.

In 2015 when I first found out I was pregnant I was clueless, excited because wow I am finally going to have a baby, but scared and lost. I tried googling everything from 5 weeks pregnant to what to eat during pregnancy.  Although pregnancy is the most beautiful experience, a true blessing… it is one of the most nerve wrecking things on this earth. I don’t want to be Debbie downer but you do worry about the what ifs the entire 10 months of pregnancy. Oh yes 10 months… don’t let anyone tell you it is 9 months… It’s a lie… 40 weeks = 10 months.

Two years later, 2 more additions to the family and here is my blog.



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