My First Ever FabFitFun Box & What’s In It


Let me just start off by saying I was super excited to receive my 1st FabFitFun Box. I’ve seen it advertised everywhere… I’ve seen the videos, the products and this time I just couldn’t resist. I had to get a box!!! Being that it was such a good deal, I actually got the yearly subscription and let’s just say I am not disappointed. I’m a very humble, simple person so to get all of these products I probably would never go out and buy is a real treat because I’m trying new things. Continue reading


How To Keep a Toddler Busy

How To Keep A Toddler Busy

My daughter is like a constant little mini-me that is on the go at all times. Although giving my daughter an iPad for hours on end is the ideal situation, it is not the best parenting style in my opinion. I have to say she has learned a lot from watching some Kids YouTube shows and even some kid shows on Netflix (she’s a huge fan of Word Party) but I’m trying to avoid the iPad as much as possible and even limit the amount of time the TV is on throughout the day. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Must-Have Items for your Twin Registry

Pinterest Registry Items

Congratulations you’re having twins !!! Don’t panic … it can be a little overwhelming at first (trust me I know) but you got this!

My twins were my second pregnancy. I also have a 22 mo old, so as for essentials luckily I kept a few things which came in handy. Now by no means am I an expert but these were the items that were best for me:

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You Only Need A Handful of Friends


Now that I look back it all makes sense. When I was younger, about 16 years old I would say, I took notice of my mother having a couple of close friends. I could never understand this. Why she would want just a couple of friends when there were so many people in this world? It was so weird to me at the time but now as I am 36 years old, a wife, and mother of three of the most amazing kiddies I totally get it.

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My Diaper Bag Survival Kit


I’m that mom that packs just what I need, I don’t over do it because lets face it… I’m not leaving the house with 3 kiddies under the age of 2 by myself for a long amount of time… no way, no how. But sometimes my husband and I do go on an all day outings and its nice to have these things available to me at all times.

The essentials that I have in my diaper bag include (at all times) BESIDES the basic diapers, wipes, changing pad are: Continue reading

The World of Blogging

world of blogging

Geez – Being a blogger SERIOUSLY takes a lot of time, dedication && thought…

At first I honestly didn’t even think of how much blogging consisted of and after a while I was thinking about giving up on it:

Was I good enough? // Did anything I write even make sense? // What’s the point? // When do I even have any time?

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10 Things That Make Me Happy

10 things

I’ve been slacking big time on the blog posts. It’s not that I have no interest in doing them, but with a  2 year old && twin 5 month olds my free time is very limited. Plus my other roles as a wife, chef, maid, entertainer, etc. I feel like I haven’t had a second to myself in awhile. With the holidays && not having my father around, it’s been it bit of a Continue reading

The Unique Blogger Award


I was tagged by Jessica over at Reading With Jessica. Girl, you are the best… I truly thank you so much for nominating me! Check out her blog, you won’t regret it!!!


/yo͞oˈnēk/ adjective

▪ being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

▪ particularly remarkable, special, or unusual. Continue reading

Twenty Seventeen

TwentySeventeenThinking back now… I can’t believe how much has changed for me in just one year. Never have I ever experienced one like this… 2017 – you have been some year to say the least.

Here it goes:

On New Years Eve it was confirmed that I was having twins. What a way to bring in the new year right?… My husband and I were in complete shock. I mean we knew we were

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Clarifying My Picture Theory

clarifyingI’ve been slacking && haven’t posted in a while. Actually my last post relates to the meaning of this post because I had included some pictures of my daughters 1st birthday which in fact, have her face blacked out. Soooooo as some of you may have noticed, or all of you… I do not like to post up pictures of my children faces on the internet.

Some people may agree or disagree thats fine… to each his own but here’s my deal: Its nothing against anyone personally, but my husband and I have chosen this way since the Continue reading